OSMÈ ist eine hochklassige Linie von Kosmetikprodukten, die nach Ecocert zertifiziert wurde, dessen Bio-Gütesiegel trägt und die Cosmebio-Standards erfüllt. Die Herstellung der Naturkosmetik erfolgt ohne Parabene, Silikone oder künstliche Farbstoffe. Beim Duft der Produkte sorgen ätherische Öle größtenteils pflanzlichen Ursprungs für ein einmaliges und natürliches Erlebnis.



As certified by Ecocert, at least 95% of the total ingredients are of natural origin, of which a minimum of 10% of the ingredients are organic and 95% of plant ingredients are certified organic. The predominant ingredient for Osmè is the Aloe Barbadensis, a plant with many properties that translate into great benefits offered by the cosmetics. The high percentage of vitamins, minerals and amino acids nourish the epidermis and help the flow of blood, guaranteeing a reinvigorating, energising and antioxidant function. Even more, aloe juice is an extremely moisturising gel and a sterilising agent capable of slowing down skin ageing by eliminating dead cells and fastening their renewal.

The entire line has been engineered to have a minimum environmental impact, so Osmè is not only the best choice for people, but for the environment as well.

Ecocert is a control and certification organisation, leader in cosmetic field. It certifies the organicity of a product, focusing primarily on its composition (ingredients, raw materials, formula). By developing its Natural and Organic Cosmetic standards, Ecocert has been a pioneer in defining a requirement level superior to the conventional regulation governing cosmetics, hereby guaranteeing the genuine practice of environmental respect throughout the production chain, respect for the consumer and the promotion of natural products of a superior ecological quality. With over 13,000 products certified all over the world, this organisation has earned a worldwide recognition from customers. The packaging of these products is designed to reflect the vision behind the creation of the product itself. The manufacturer has studied a range of vessels that capture its soul communicating its philosophy thanks to an innovative and natural design, conceived in order to guarantee resources and transport volume saving. To this end, even the packing system has been especially designed. When possible, recyclable materials such as a source of corn starch are used. All the paper accessories have been printed using soy based ink. Every aspect of it meets the Ecocert standard, which the cosmetics are certified with. A smart design characterised by the leaf label, which in addition to having an aesthetic function, acts as a seal for the bottle, ensuring the integrity of the content.


All information as provided by the manufacturer (GLF, Italy). 

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